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We do the baby KinderGym program and love it. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore new equipment and develop gross motor and social skills. The room set up of equipment differs slightly each week to keep things interesting. The lovely instructors are always willing to answer any developmental questions you have. Highly recommend it.

Alice Kelsh

“We’ve been a KinderGym family for a few years now. And, I have to say, it is absolutely worthwhile. Our kids LOVE it. Seacliff KinderGym has three huge spaces, and a mammoth variety of equipment for the kids to enjoy” – CLICK TO READ MORE

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Seacliff Kindergym is an amazing programme that both my children, Hugh and Alice have participated in. The programme has developed their confidence but most importantly developed their climbing skills along with their motor skills. Each sessions always allows children to find their interest but develop their skills through the abundance of equipment. A key strength of Seacliff Kindergym is Clare and Bev, their rapport with the children is phenomenal. Clare and Bev know the children by their name, are involved in the program and always have time to engage with the children. Seacliff Kindergym is brilliant and I highly recommend it to any parent who wants their child to not only have fun but develop their skills.

Jodie Papadopoulos

Riley has been a part of the gym since before he was crawling! It’s been such an important part of our lives and has been so incredibly important for him in developing his gross motor skills. Riley has Developmental Coordination Disorder which affects his muscle tone, motor planning and gross motor skills. Kindergym has been so beneficial for him in helping him refine and develop these skills. So thank you!

Also a big thank you for making him feel so safe and happy. He loves attending and i really appreciate your patience with him.

Most importantly I need to recognise the amount of energy you all put in each day. Every single person who is involved always greets us with a smile and a hello. It’s incredible to think how many children’s names you know, and even their siblings names too! Everyone always has energy and a brilliant vibe about them – I have never seen anyone frustrated or grumpy – and that is tough working with so many kids!

So thank you all so much for providing Riley with such a rich and valuable learning experience. We will miss you – but I’m sure it won’t be long until I bring Hazel too.


As a new parent, I was looking for a special activity where I could connect with other parents while my baby developed new skills and interacted with others. Seacliff KinderGym is that perfect place and ticks all the boxes.

The staff are passionate at what they do, and made my daughter and I feel welcome and part of the KinderGym community.

The facilities are excellent with a diverse range of resources, equipment, educational themes, and action songs that change around each week and term.

We have been attending weekly sessions since my toddler was a few months old and Seacliff KinderGym has helped develop her confidence, independence, gross and fine motor skills, coordination and social interactions.

I would highly recommend Seacliff BabyGym and KinderGym to other families looking for that special weekly activity to do together.

Emily Brown

In the 4 plus years that we have been involved in Seacliff KinderGym programs we have been made to feel like family. The children are each greeted warmly by name and have formed lasting connections with all of the staff, no small feat given the large number of children that attend each week.

The movement through dance and music combined with the child lead gym play is a great balance of structured purposeful learning and free play that allows parents to actively have fun with their children (even when that means doing the health hustle). I love that children can participate and enjoy themselves regardless of their physical abilities and personality/confidence in a safe and supportive environment. I have been amazed at the growth in physical abilities and confidence in my older 2 children and look forward to starting again with my youngest.

Sarah Wakefield

Our daughter started in BabyGym and has progressed to KinderGym and she loves the activities available. As a parent it’s very rewarding to see her try new things at KinderGym as she gets older and watch her gain confidence as she masters new activities. There is a large range of equipment for her to try that incorporates different physical skills (climbing, crawling, jumping, balance etc.). The coordinators are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. We feel our daughter gets an experience that is fun and engaging for her that is also helping to develop key physical and mental skills.

James and Diana Whelan

I was introduced to Seacliff KinderGym at a baby expo 12 years ago with my first granddaughter. I then did a come and try day and have been coming continuously bringing each of my 8 grandchildren each year. I have enjoyed introducing each of them to the fun and learning environment that the Seacliff KinderGym provides. The organisation, ever changing themes and different room set ups keep the children interested. The coaches are very friendly, their program coupled with exercises and movement for under 5’s development is fantastic. I think I will be coming to KinderGym a little longer yet as I have another grandchild on the way. Its great fun for kids.

Barb Maziakowski

My daughter started BabyGym 4 years ago and now her highlight of the week is every Thursday when she attends KinderGym.

It has been great watching her confidence grow over the time she’s attended. KinderGym has prepared her for Kindy both physically & socially.

It’s not just for her benefit though, I’ve learned too the importance of parent involvement, and the role that movement plays in brain development.

The instructors are amazing and make every session fun for all.  It will be sad to say goodbye when my daughter starts school and we no longer have our regular KinderGym sessions.

Belinda Jones

My 3 children and I have been coming to Seacliff KinderGym for 5 years since my oldest was in BabyGym. My children love coming to KinderGym every week
as there are always so many different activities set up and the equipment is always changed around every week. Every term there is a new theme that
underpins all of the learning and skills developed. Warm up songs and cool down songs ensure children are familiar with the routine every week and the
free play time in the extensive gyms provide children with the freedom to explore at their own pace and follow their own interests. They are developing their skills in climbing, balancing, jumping as well as their overall gross and fine motor skills.

All of the staff at Seacliff KinderGym are wonderful, they are so kind and friendly, they get to know every child and family. Seacliff KinderGym is a preschool activity that can’t be missed, I highly recommend it to everyone!


We would like to say how much our daughter Jasmine looks forward to coming to KinderGym each week. KinderGym has been a positive influence on her. When she started she was 1 year old and quite shy, a year later she has become much more confident and outgoing. 

We love the amazing range of equipment and activities that KinderGym provides. The coaches, Beverley, Clare, Melanie and Rachael are fantastic and the children love them. 

Our daughter loves dancing, climbing, and especially jumping at KinderGym. She has also made some very special friendships. She has so much fun while developing important skills. We can’t wait until our second daughter is old enough to enjoy KinderGym too. 

Thank you for helping in our daughter’s development and we look forward to you teaching both our girls in the years to come.

Russell, Erin, Jasmine and Mia.

I highly recommend Seacliff KinderGym! The staff are so lovely, helpful and friendly. The classes are well run, well planned and well thought out. The equipment is well maintained and rotated each week. The classes are always kept on time, which shows in their excellent organisational skills throughout the program. All of the facilities including the toilets are clean and well kept. It is an absolute delight to be a part of Seacliff KinderGym!

Doy McLean

Our son has been going to Seacliff KinderGym for over three years now and we can not speak highly enough of the program and team at Seacliff.  He has always looked forward to going every week and I have looked forward to watching his coordination, strength, balance, attention and confidence improve.  Now that he is almost five, he too looks forward to extending his abilities at each session and is proud when he nails a new skill under the gentle guidance of the KinderGym team.

Over this time our energetic son has also learnt patience, turn taking and practised following instructions and KinderGym rules.  He has been able to learn at his own pace in an environment which is fun and does not place pressure on the kids or parents.

I would also like to mention the KinderGym team who are both welcoming and professional.  It is clear they have a passion for what they do and all have a fantastic rapport with the children – my son loves the staff there, as do I!  For me there has been a real sense of being part of the KinderGym community and I am grateful for the support they have shown to our family and the growth they have fostered in our son.  I can’t wait until our new baby is old enough to start his journey with Seacliff KinderGym.

Karen Sims

Hannah has attended Seacliff KinderGym from 18 months old till now (4 1/2) and she has loved every session. The routine of the warm up songs and then free play suits her love of knowing what’s next. Her confidence has grown and the different levels of gym have helped with this, I love watching the Pre-Gym sessions she is currently doing and seeing her independence and courage grow each week. I would recommend Seacliff KinderGym to anyone with a preschool child.

Karen Boswell


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